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The Gift Cards Don't Show in Dollars


The currency converter is provided simply as a quick guide to the cost of our products in the customer's currency. The actual transactions all take place in British Pounds, with the conversion being handled by the customer's chosen payment method, be it by PayPal or by credit card, using the exchange rate prevailing at the time of the transaction.

In the case of the Gift Card page, no actual product is being purchased at that stage but rather, a credit in whole pounds to be deducted by the end user on the checkout page, which is always shown in GBP.

Had we set the gift card page to display a currency other than GBP, the purchaser would tend to put in a "round number" amount. So for instance, a card purchased for $50 would end up being sent to the recipient as (using the exchange rate at the time of writing) £39.49 which we felt would appear a little inelegant.

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