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Ink not drying on Acetate sheets


Q: When printing onto your acetates, I am having problems with the ink drying. I have run it through on both sides and neither side dries.


A: Our printable acetate should be compatible with all inkjet printers.

The instructions given with our acetate sheets is that having the cut corner top right indicates coated printable side is facing you. With some printers, if you print on the wrong side first it can deposit excess ink on the printer's media guides, which can result in excess ink being deposited. To check if this is the case, try running several sheets of plain paper through using the test page (or just a page full of plain text). When these emerge clean and without smudges, any excess ink will have either dried or become removed.

Another problem can possibly arise from the use of third-party compatible inks instead of the manufacturer's own brand.

Some of the cheaper ones, especially, have been shown to be slower drying and hence not suitable for acetates and some coated photo papers.

If you are using genuine inks and still having problems, please send the problem sheets back to us along with the rest of the pack that the sheets came from we will check it and take it from there.

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