Reach Out With Lavinia

Hello lovely people. We’ve been putting our heads together here at Lavinia Stamps (not literally I might add) and we have an idea for a project that we’d love to get up and running – with your help of course.

During these unprecedented times of social distancing, we need to remain connected, to support and socialise and to reach out to the people we care about, whilst sharing our enthusiasm for crafting. It’s about bringing people together, in a virtual manner, to share this passion.

A Message from our Local Hospital to our Community

Reach Out With Lavinia
Why not dedicate your next papercraft ‘make’ to someone who deserves our thanks and recognition?

Huge benefits can be derived from the role of crafting and this is crucial to the well-being of ourselves and others. The meditative spirit of engagement and absorption encourages our sense of self-worth; it helps us bond and have a sense of belonging.

It clears our minds and helps us focus on something that’s good for the soul.

Our Vision
Our vision is for people to create a card or a project and post it on our Reach out with Lavinia Facebook group, and to dedicate it to the people we care about and want to support, whether that’s a personal friend or a group such as the NHS. 

Tell us your story and tell us their name. It can just be their first name if you prefer. You can tag them or you can make it completely anonymous. In other words, make it as personal or as private as you want it to be.

We need to reach out to each other. Let’s make a difference and let people know we are thinking about them.

Thanks for reading about our new Facebook page we do hope you will join us on another positive journey. It’s a great way to keep in touch.

All our love and blessings.
Tracey and all at Lavinia headquarters.

Every month we will select one card at random to win a £40 Lavinia Voucher.
As far as the rules go: All we ask is that the cards only feature stamps from the Lavinia range and, after posting them on the Reach Out page, that you ‘share’ them to your own page too. Lets spread the word and reach out to more people.

Our Reach Out With Lavinia videos will appear here

A Card for Helen

Today’s card is dedicated to Tracey’s sister-in-law, Helen, who works at Shrewsbury Hospital. You too can dedicate your cards to a front-line NHS worker by posting your card and dedication to our new “Reach out with Lavinia” Facebook group 

A Card for Stevie

The card featured in today’s video tutorial is dedicated to Tracey’s brother in law, Stevie, and electrical maintenance officer at Shrewsbury Hospital. To dedicated one of YOUR cards, upload a picture of it to our Reach Out With Lavinia page… 

A Card for Sue

The second in our “Reach Out With Lavinia” series is a card for Sue, who is a hospital infection control nurse. Watch Tracey create a lovely background using the circular Gel Press, ready for stamping one of our crafty crows sitting on a branch at sunset.

A Card for Corinne

In this, the first of our Reach Out For Lavinia series, Tracey dedicated this lovely card to her friend, Corinne, a nurse at the local community hospital.