Hot Foil a Mushroom Stamp

A step-by-step “how to do it” article by Lynn Taylor-Lack, on how to get this lovely Hot Foil effect using Lavinia Stamps products and a little bit of bold imagination…

Hi everybody. Welcome to my first article for Lavinia Stamps.

I’m a big fan of paper crafting and glitter.  I don’t make cards though, I like to find other ways of using the stamps, which I especially like to put onto candles.

I love making things and have always been interested in myth, magic, fairies and unicorns, which I have been collecting for 35 years.

My love affair with Lavinia Stamps first started when I saw Tracey demonstrate in a craft show at Aintree Racecourse some twelve years ago.  She was using the Moon Fairy, and I just gasped as it was so stunning. I have been on a mission to own every stamp since.

I hope you enjoy this little project…

Deco Foil by iCraft

Supplies needed


Lavinia Stamp of your choice
Card Stock
Acrylic block
Heat tool
Wow! Clear Gloss Super Fine Powder
Deco Foil
Minc or a laminator

Step by Step – How to do


Ink up your chosen stamp with Versamark


Stamp on to your card


Sprinkle Wow! Super fine clear gloss embossing powder over the top. (Other super fine powders may work but I have only ever used the Wow! powder).


Heat and melt the powder and let it cool.


When it has cooled down simply cut your chosen foil down to size (see materials list)  making sure it is slightly larger than your image and place the foil down over the top, with the patterned and shiny side facing you.


Place it in the carrier sheet ensuring that it is smooth and flat and send it through your Minc. My Minc works perfectly on setting 3 but machines can vary. If you don’t have a Minc you can use a laminator. Simply place the card and foil into a folded piece of A4 and send it through the rollers. Using a laminator you may need to run it through twice. Eliminate the folded piece of A4 if you don’t get a good result first time.


Remove the card from the carrier sheet and peel off the clear transfer sheet and admire your lovely hot foiled image.


The results aren’t as crisp and as smooth using this technique and the image can be a bit blurry, this way works best with more solid stamps as it doesn’t pick up the very fine detail of Tracey’s stamps. It is very much trial and error using this method, but it is possible.

Be careful with the foil as it is very flimsy and it can scratch easily (this will transfer onto your image and doesn’t look very nice). The foil is quite thin so make sure you are only using the one sheet at a time.

The possibilities are endless! Enjoy and have fun!