Hot-Foil a Cutting File Image by Lynn Taylor-Lack

Another step-by-step “how to do it” article by Lynn Taylor-Lack, on how to get this lovely Hot Foil effect using Lavinia Stamps products and a little bit of bold imagination…

This time she has deployed our “Mushroom Fairy” cutting file in a unique manner to come up with something rather special.

In addition to a Cutting Machine such as Scan n Cut, Silhouette or a Cricut, you will need access to a Lazer Printer as this technique will not work with inkjet printers. If you don’t have a laser printer you can buy toner sheets off of the internet or you can go to your local High Street Printers and ask them to print one out for you (as long as they use toner, it will work). You will also need a computer to create the toner template, and a Minc or a Laminator.

Supplies needed

Lavinia Stamps cutting file of your choice
Smooth White or Cream Card
Deco Foil
Trimmer or Scissors

Step by Step

1. Create an oblong on your document, enlarge it to cover the whole page and flood fill it in black and save this document as your toner sheet template.
2. Print it out using a LASER printer onto the smoothest card you have, Lavinia’s smooth matt card is perfect for this.
3. Cut your printed card down to the width of your foil.
4. Choose your foil. I am using icraft Deco Foil in rainbow effect, as I get consistently good results using this, Heidi Swapp foils work well too. I have tried this technique using cheaper hot foils but as with all craft items you get what you pay for.
5. Place a sheet of the foil over the card with the black toner facing up and the coloured and shiny side of the foil facing up too.
6. Place your card and foil into the plastic carrier sheet that comes with your Minc, making sure everything is smooth and flat. If you don’t have a Minc you can use a laminator on the hot setting. Use a folded piece of A4 copy paper as a carrier sheet You may have to send it through the laminator twice though and if you don’t get a good result first time, try sending it through without the copy paper.
7. Send the carrier through your Minc or laminator. All machines are different, on my Minc setting 3 works perfectly but you may have to adjust yours.
8. Remove card from the carrier sheet and peel off the transparent overlay, to reveal your now foiled card.
9. Place the foiled card onto the mat of your cutting machine.
10. Select and size the cutting file and cut it.  I use a Scan n Cut and I cut it on 3.5 but your machine may vary, so I suggest you do a test cut first.
11. Once it has cut, weed as you would normally.
Marvel at the stunning effect you have just created!

Be careful with the foil as it is very flimsy and it can scratch easily (this will transfer onto your image and doesn’t look very nice). Also it is very thin so make sure you are only using the one sheet.
The possibilities are endless! Enjoy and have fun!