Episode Two

Choosing the colours

Hello everyone, I have some great news about our new premises. After much deliberation and discussion and the purchase of countless match pots, we have chosen a colour for the walls.

We have one wall that has so many colours on it from these little match pots it looks like a patchwork quilt. I think it looks lovely and if it was up to me, we would get some more of these little pots and do the whole wall in different colours.

However, as my wife often reminds me, I have no idea when it comes to wall colours and so consequently, I am no longer allowed to go into decorating shops unaccompanied.

Kevin and Tracey

Our trusty joiners Pete and Ian have been busy putting up walls to hang our stamp collection and Kev and I have been busy painting. We now have almost one room complete.

We have had extended discussions and lots of samples regarding a floor covering for this room and yet again we have a decision and fitting has been now been completed. This is our largest room and it will be the main office and packing area.

Two more rooms are almost ready for carpet and if we can keep up the momentum on the decorating front, we will be scheduling the fitting of the floor covering for the shop and showroom area very soon.

There is still a lot to do but we are edging closer to the mammoth task of moving in.
The next room for us to tackle will be Tracey’s office and studio. We have some painting to finish and then Pete and Ian are back later this week to put the studio part together.
I will keep you updated with further progress.