Colourful Toadstools by Sarah Anderson

Colourful Toadstools. Another “How To Do It” article from Sarah Anderson as she gets creative using Lavinia Stamps Cutting Files to make a stencil.
The Art of Moodling 

The current trend for painting an entire canvas in bright colour then picking out areas to block out inspired this colourful card which uses our new cutting files in as a stencil rather than a feature.

Supplies used:

  1. Night Falls (cutting file)
  2. A selection of small stamped images or parts of images.  We used
  3. Mini Star Group
  4. Slender Mushrooms
  5. Wishing Tree
  6. Zen Angelic Words
  7. Background Script
  8. Three Dancing Fairies
  9. Border Stamp Ivy
  10. A variety of coloured inkpad.  We used Archival: Cactus Flower,
  11. Adirondack Ink Pad: Watermelon
  12. Versafine: Toffee, Deep Lagoon, Spanish Moss, Onyx Black
  13. Square white card and envelope
  14. A selection of coloured acrylic paints eg PaperArtsy Fresco Paints: Limelight, Spanish Mulberry, Orchid, South Pacific, Beach Hut, Snowflake
  15. Finepoint, white Sharpie
  16. Babywipes
  17. A5 white card
  18. Washi tape

Step by Step Instructions:

Cut the toadstools from a piece of A5 card.
Tape the card that is leftover from cutting the die to the card.  We held it up to the light to make sure it was central to the card.  Use washi tape to secure as it is easy to peel off without marking the card.
Place the die cut within the square and use a pencil to lightly mark where the bluebells are if you want to make this area pinker or bluer than the rest, indicative of the flowers
Remove the die cut and choose a selection of acrylic paints.
Add patches of colour with a baby wipe.
Continue to add coloured acrylic paint in order to fill the square space.
Begin to add patches of stamping on the painted square.  Holding the edges of the stamp up, and not using an acrylic block, prevent solid edges from appearing when using the text stamps.
Patches of the border stamp ivy look particularly stunning in Archival Cactus Flower.
Continue stamping small images and patches of images in order to fill the entire square using a variety of images and coloured inkpads.
Remember that much of this very busy background will be covered up but the intensity of colour and texture really adds to your final piece.
Place the die cut within the square and secure with washi tape.
Gently dab white acrylic paint in the spaces revealed by the die cut.
Once the entire area is covered, leave to dry before removing the die cut.
We used Snowflake fresco paint which didn’t give a strong depth of white so we enhanced it with a white sharpie pen.  You may have a stronger body acrylic paint.  Test it out on a patch of paper.  We rather like the effect of the coloured inks seeping through the thin paint and sharpie pen.
The coloured toadstools really stand out against the white background, especially when the card is held further away.  The detail of the tiny stamped images add lots of interest.