An Introduction to Alcohol Inks and Yupo Card

We have put together this helpful video tutorial on creating designs with the Alcohol inks and Yupo card.

After much experimenting with Alcohol inks, I decided to put two sets of five colours together. Sometimes we get a little overwhelmed by colour as to what works so I thought this may help. The cool set and the warm set are both a beautiful combination of colours giving off warm hues and cool hues as you can see in the video.

Both Alcohol Ink Sets  are now available in our online shop

Yupo card/paper is a versatile surface especially suited for Alcohol Inks and Blending Solution. This smooth, synthetic surface has almost a plastic feel to it, it resists buckling and dries quickly and as you can see works wonderfully well with the other products in the video we are now selling Yupo Painting Paper.

Antistatic bags are a great product they help the ink from the stamp to bond to the paper, all it takes is a sweep across the finished project before stamping. We are now selling the antistatic bags online.

Finally, the Alcohol Blending Solution solution is another great product, this helps blend your colour giving you time to work with your inks, but as you can see from the video it also erases the ink when you use it directly from the blending tool over the alcohol inks on the Yupo paper.

You can now purchase all these products by following the links below.

We hope you enjoy watching our video tutorial and hope it inspires you to have a go at this fantastically fun and creative idea.