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image-2The Art of Stamping

Having nurtured a passion for art and design, Tracey attended Art College in Birmingham, followed by Ceramics and Business Studies at Derby.  Moving to Wales with her partner Kevin, the couple founded a pottery business at the purpose-built Ruthin Craft Centre.

During the twelve years running this successful business, Tracey began incorporating stamp work into her ceramics. She produced a range of her own stamps, which soon began generating a great deal of interest in the stamping world. So much so, she found herself producing more and more stamps and fewer ceramics.

During 2006, Tracey decided to concentrate on designing stamps full time.  “I absolutely love it”, she said. “I enjoy sharing my passion with all the other creative people out there”.

And it’s not a one-way thing either: “Whilst I pass on tips and techniques to my customers, I find I learn just as much from their feedback too”, she added.

Tracey thanks the environment in which she lives for much of the inspiration for her scenic stamps.  “We live in a beautiful part of the world; the Vale of Clwyd is abundant with exquisite landscapes, scenery, flora and fauna”.

But as well as an artistic eye, Tracey also has a vivid imagination. These come together when she indulges her passion for fairies and these mystical creatures feature prominently on a large number of stamps.

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