by Melissa Latchem

I do hope you enjoy this little video showing how I made this lovely clock using some of Lavinia Stamps products.

Here is the shopping list for the items needed for this project and from where I purchased them.

Clock shopping listDSC_0007

And these are the steps outlined in the video.

I painted the clock blank [1] in a chalk based paint all round [2]. Then I inked the trailing Ivy stamp in Dusty Concord [3], (which was the only ink colour I used) and stamped around the edge of the face[4]. There are small gaps where the stamps don’t quite meet [5] To remedy this I inked up the very end of the stamp and filled in the blanks to create a continuous edge.

For the sides I used a Lavinia Border stamp [6]  They are all the same size so any of the patterns will be fine. The area is too small for you to put the stamp onto a block so you will need to carefully place the stamps top edge against the top of the clock and then whilst holding the stamp in one hand press carefully down with the other making sure you have covered the whole area [7],

On the top I stamped the Lavinia Zen Butterfly [8 & 9], then highlighted the edges of the clock in ink.

Using the Celtic Dreams Die Elegance [10] and Donella [11], I cut out the card decoration for the front and back of the clock and coloured them in the same ink to tone in and on the front used pearls to mark the clock numbers [12].

I now covered the whole clock in Modgepodge to seal it in.

All that remains is to fit the clock mechanism, and colour the hands with your pro markers to tone in with whatever colour you are using .

Ta Da – all done

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